8 Embarrassing Single People Struggles

Singleness keeps you humble. It often pushes you beyond your comfort zone. It can uncover the strength you never thought you had, while also revealing the weakness and needs you never wanted to have. Today I invite you to peek into the mind of a single person to discover- not just the obvious ponderings we have about loneliness or finding the right person- but the random other things we think about in association to the inconveniences we face. Here are 8 relatable, random, embarrassing, hilarious, sad, amusing single people struggles:


1) As if mornings aren’t hard enough! Getting ready for the day as a single person may cost you your pride and leave you feeling helplessly disheveled. No Big Deal.

I can’t reach to zip this dress all the way!… No one is here to tell me if this tie matches my shirt!… I can’t see if I got deodorant on the backside of this outfit!… I can’t hook the clasp on this bracelet with one hand!… HELP! Wait, there is no one to help… Which co-worker is the least likely to judge if I ask them to pick the obvious lint off of my backside when I arrive at the office???


2) No one knows where you are. What if something happens to you?

I could accidentally drive off the side of this mountain, and no one would even know or freak out over my absence for at least several hours if not days!!! {Cue sobs}

But no one is freaking out over how much money I just spent on this vacation from which I am returning, so… {Tears magically evaporate}


3) You need a date for a wedding, reunion, party, or spontaneous outing. You wish you had some designated person to call on and appear like your boyfriend or girlfriend so that you do not have to fly solo…

I wish that contractually agreeing to serve as one’s “go-to date”- or renting a suitable, sophisticated event companion- was perfectly normal and socially acceptable and not just a sketchy undercover operation on Craig’s List!


4) You lost your phone in your bedroom. You looked everywhere. No big deal. Someone can call it for you… Oh wait, there is no one here to call it for you…

Cue opening Facebook Messenger on one’s laptop and typing “Hi all of my friends and family- I have lost my cell phone, and I have no one to call it for me because I am single, and this is my life. So will someone just dial my cellular ASAP? Thanks!”

Not that I have ever done this or anything…


5) You have so many errands to run and things to do: wash the dishes, take out the trash, pick up the dry cleaning, buy a birthday card for mom, pay the bills, mow the lawn, book a flight, grocery shop, and wash the car… All while working a full time job to support yourself.

No big deal. I can just divide and conquer with… me, myself, and I? Where is my spouse or teenage child to pick up milk for me on their way home when I need them?


6) Your birthday is right around the corner!

Will anyone even know it’s my birthday? Will I have fun? Or will it serve as a painful reminder that I am alone in the world? Can I just take melatonin and sleep through my birthday? Never mind. If all else fails, I get a whole cake to myself, and I won’t have to worry about a significant other trying to steal a bite off my plate, so I guess I can survive.  


7) Sometimes you want people to know that you’re single and available, and sometimes, well, you really don’t.

Walks into a fancy restaurant… displays ringless hand to any and all eligible bachelors or bachelorettes.

Walks into Wally World… slips fake ring on left hand to repel the people of Walmart who are hungry for more than produce or frozen foods.  


8) And don’t even get me started on two-man tasks…

I need to drop off my car at the auto-repair shop for the night. Now who will drive me home from the shop once I hand over the keys, and who will drive me back once it’s ready? Hmmm, which one of my friends have I not inconvenienced in a while? OR

I need another person to help me move this sofa or that table. Maybe I can bribe some teenage boys in the youth group with pizza or a five dollar bill. Or better yet, tell them they can get community service hours!… Great, now I am officially a community service project on someone’s college resume! 


Singleness has this special way of keeping your ego in check. One thing I know for sure, if God was really serious about wanting us to walk in humility, then singleness is helping me to crush it! CRUSH. IT.




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