What’s New with Elizabeth: Open Doors & Saying Yes

It’s funny how opportunities come knocking when we least expect them…

As many of you know, I am working on writing my first book! When I started the process, I knew I needed help. Therefore, I reached out to a Christian author I knew of through a friend. I simply Facebook Messaged her, asking for a few tips. She, in turn, offered to get me into the Ashville Christian Writer’s Conference to learn everything I needed to know in one weekend event! There was only one spot left, and she needed to know right there and then if I could go. It was only a month away. Without hesitation, I said YES!

At the conference, I was given amazing advice and direction from publishers, an editor, a book agent, and some other writers and bloggers. I am so grateful for all of the amazing help. I never would have figured all of this out on my own! The only downside was that my to-do list increased dramatically. Specifically, I needed to really keep up and build my online presence, which is something I have been working on over the past month-and-a-half since the conference. I was also encouraged during my time there to reach out to some journals and magazines, and ask to serve as one of their writers.

Between my busy work schedule, my blog, my social media efforts, and everything else, I had not yet found the time to reach out to any journals or magazines in my hectic month after the conference. I was beginning to feel overwhelmed by the big to-do list I needed to fulfill in order to pave the way for a successful book, publishing, and marketing process.

At the conference, I also said YES when I was invited to be a guest on the radio show Speak Up. So a few weeks later, I went live on Speak Up with Scott McCausey and shared about my testimony, my message, and my soon-to-be book. And behold… an online magazine called Theology Mix reached out to me via Twitter message that week because they heard my interview, which drove them to look at my blog. They invited me to join their team of writers! Again, with no hesitation, I said YES!

Long story short, my first article I wrote for them was just published today: 5 Ways to Keep Singles from Leaving the Church. Click to read.

In conclusion, be diligent in the calling or vision God has given you. Take hope in the fact that God will pave your way. You do not need to orchestrate the entire journey. Often times, one open door leads to another, which leads to another. Just say yes to each next open door He swings wide. Some of the best opportunities I’ve ever experienced are the ones which have taken me completely by surprise… because I never attempted to force them into existence or control them by my own efforts and plans. Be encouraged, and thanks to everyone who is supporting me and keeping in touch with me during this exciting time.




4 thoughts on “What’s New with Elizabeth: Open Doors & Saying Yes

  1. Fantastic!!! To God be the glory! I’m really glad things are going so good. You deserve it and it will bless those that read it.

    Brad Flenniken

  2. So excited for you!! It is great watching how God is opening doors and using you to minister to so many people. I’m so glad that you have and continue to say “Yes” to the Lord’s promptings and open doors. Keep on moving forward — there is so much more to come!!

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