Are You Easily Distracted?

Are you making a discovery, or are you making a distraction? Are you really free-spirited, or merely restless? Is it really wanderlust, or is it discontentment?

This past weekend, I decided to go on a spontaneous vacation, a personal writer retreat if you will. I booked a place for the first time through Airbnb- a gorgeous room in a 1930’s mini-mansion. I said a prayer to God- that He would help me focus on writing and other tasks I needed to accomplish, with minimal distractions. The next day, I was packed and off on my little getaway…

Let’s just say that sometimes God gives us exactly what we ask for… When I arrived at my B&B, my inner-adventurer opted to procrastinate. I wanted to do some exploring of the town and nearby sights. I could get to writing and related tasks later!

The problem- There was no town. There were no sights. There is nothing to do and nowhere to go in Forest City, NC! (Don’t let the “City” part fool you. For all purposes, it’s just a “Forest”, with a McDonald’s and a few abandoned-looking buildings.) I panicked a little. I sat in my car and started researching nearby cities (which were all an hour or so away), thinking I could go for dinner or something and be back in no time!

But that was ridiculous, and I knew it. I finally came to my senses, got comfy, and did what I came to do- write!

And you know what? I re-discovered my love for writing all over again! I found pleasure in doing what I was supposed to be doing! I remembered that this was never supposed to feel like a burden or responsibility. But rather, a gift and a blessing.

Needless to say, I’m back on track with my book project. And I’m glad God answered my prayers and took me to a place where distracting myself was NOT EVEN AN OPTION.

Here is the honest truth. I believe that, in our culture, now more than ever, we aren’t merely bombarded by distractions. Rather, we chase them for ourselves. We don’t simply face distractions; we seek them. We aren’t just victims of distractions; we are creators of them.

If you are hollering an “Amen” at me right now as you think about your own life, I hope you’ll pray that simple prayer, for God to loosen the grip of distractibility over your life. Ask Him to guard you from unnecessary interferences. If He can do it for me, He can do it for you.

Lessons learned (or re-learned)-
1) Sometimes we are denied of what we want, so we are open to receive the things we really, truly want.

2) There is a difference between being free-spirited and just plain restless. There is a difference between being adventurous and being distractible. Be on guard, and don’t let your strengths spin out of control into weaknesses. Don’t allow the things that make your life unique and beautiful to render you powerless and ineffective.

3) Sometimes there is clarity, direction, and refreshment found in getting away, getting quiet, and getting alone. I would highly recommend it!


One thought on “Are You Easily Distracted?

  1. Wow! What discernment! I have found the things we think we want don’t really bring us the joy and peace that we REALLY WANT!

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