7 Life Lessons I Learned from My Dad

Over the years, my dad has gone from being my care-taker to being one of my closest friends. I may live several states away from my father, but the lessons he taught me live with me constantly and make me think of him every day. Here are 7 life lessons I learned from my dad that have stuck with me as an adult…

1- Work Hard. My dad is one of the hardest workers I know. And when he’s not at the office, he’s fixing something around the house. He has always served as a wonderful provider for my family. He taught me that things don’t always have to be fun and entertaining to be purposeful and worth doing.

2- Play Hard. Despite how hard he works, he has always taken breaks to enjoy his family and his hobbies. And he always plans the most fun family vacations! He taught me that it is okay to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

3- Don’t get so busy and pre-occupied, that you forget to invest in the lives of those under your authority and leadership. Despite his crazy schedule, he was always at our games, recitals, graduations, and performances. He made time for family dinners and fun family outings. Sometimes he took a pay cut and worked less hours so that he could be present for our family. His life reminds me that busyness can always be mastered; it need not master you. And people need more than the resources you have to offer; they need YOU!

4- Being generous can be fun- in a fulfilling, lasting impact kind of way. Though he made so many sacrifices for me, he never made me feel like a burden. And that means everything!

5- You can actually survive without social media.  WOAH what?!  Yeah, my dad does it every day. He is busy. His time is precious. And he has decided that it’s not worth his time and attention. And he’s still living and thriving! Wow! If he can survive without it every day, we can probably stay off of it long enough to hold a conversation and be all present in the events of our lives.

6- No, expecting men to protect you, cherish you, and treat you with respect is NOT too much to ask. As a woman, this is so important. Every once in a while, I have been ready to make excuses for men who weren’t really looking out for me. But then I think of my dad and other exceptional men who have acted as father figures to me. I am reminded that it is okay for a man to make some sacrifices and go the extra mile for me. After all, I have an earthly father and a Heavenly Father who have literally been doing this for me my entire life!

7- Good, selfless men still do exist in this world. Enough said. They have not gone extinct. I know because I was raised by one!

So to all the amazing fathers or father-figures, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all you do to make our lives better! Happy Father’s Day.

XOXO, Elizabeth


P.S. And to my dad- Thanks for being a fan of who I have become, for understanding me, for your compassion and sympathy when I need it, and your fun-loving sense of adventure that you passed down to me. Thanks for teaching me how to drive, dance, fish, camp, explore, give, and embrace each season of my life. I love you!


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  1. Beautifully written Elizabeth, your dad set good examples and raised a beautiful woman who appreciates all the gifts of her father. May God continue to bless you.

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