QUIT These 7 Things to Reach Your GOD-GIVEN DREAM

1- Quit believing that the results of your dream are a direct reflection of your adequacy or anointing. The results aren’t meant to be a measuring rod for your performance. Give God and others credit and appreciation where credit is due. Let any shortcomings serve as testimonies for lessons learned and discoveries made in your crazy and wonderful process.


2- Quit believing that you need to have everything in place before you let others in on what you are doing. Personally, I wanted to have every practical detail in place before I shared the news of my conference & ministry. Then, I realized that people can benefit just as much from my learning process and my journey leading up to the final destination!


3- Quit believing that you (and others) need to know every last detail about how it will all come together in the end. You don’t owe people a data-backed, method-proven, fact-checked analysis with all the details about how you and God are going to pull this thing off!

(I read and believe an Old Testament where practically everything those people knew about Jesus and His coming was based on prophesies, visions, and dreams- not tangible evidence. They didn’t have all the details about how their Savior would save… but they were still expected to believe it would happen anyway!)


4- Quit trying to do it all yourself. Find the strength that it takes to be served. Don’t try to live beyond needing help. To allow others to offer their strengths is to allow them to feel competent, needed, and ultimately- blessed too!


5- Quit trying to “do” when it is time to rest. Intentionally give yourself time to take breaks and disconnect. When it’s time to relax, quit carrying the weight of work or the weight of guilt for not working. Remember, resting recharges you. Therefore, doing and resting are equally important to achieving your goals!


6- Quit trying to fulfill your dream just to prove to your critics that you can. Haters will hate. People with critical spirits will find something to criticize. Striving to please unpleasable people will only leave you endlessly striving.


7- Quit putting all the pressure on yourself. Let God carry the burden of making everything fall into place. (Matt. 11:28-30)


8-  _______________________… Comment below with your best advice or something helpful you’ve learned about living out a God-given dream. Can’t wait to hear from you!!!



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20 thoughts on “QUIT These 7 Things to Reach Your GOD-GIVEN DREAM

  1. 8. Remember that there will be bumps along the way and setbacks, but God is still in control and will bring his plan to fruition in his time and for your good.

    A great article, Elizabeth! This was spot on! We must all do these things (humans that we are). Your words will surely resonate with many.

  2. This is so good! #2 and #5 are definitely good reminders for me. Perfectionism is a battle, but letting people in on the learning process is far more relatable than someone who “has it all together.” Thanks for sharing!

  3. I relate to all of these and like being reminded of #4. Even though my husband is pretty knowledgeable in most things, I do like when he does ask me for help because it does help me to feel needed by him. I also need to remember that myself when at work. I like to do everything myself because I know that it is getting done right (in my eyes) instead of letting someone else help that could offer another way that could be more efficient and take some of the stress off me. Plus, that does help that person feel needed and competent. Love your blogs!

    • Thanks so much, Kim. I’ve certainly had my moments of hesitancy too when it comes to delegating tasks & putting some responsibilities in other people’s hands. Learning to let go of some things here and there is a challenge, but can certainly be very rewarding for me and for others! Thanks for reading!

  4. Hi Elizabeth

    Great perspective on life and work.

    It’s true; most of what we have and do is something we’ve got due to other people’s work.

    We should give them and God credit for it, as you say.

    Number 2: That’s a good one. We don’t have to be experts to share our ups and downs with other people. It’s easier for others to relate to us if we also share what’s difficult for us in life, right?

    Yes, in today’s environment connections means everything. But they’re only established by reaching out with an open mind to others asking for help.

    My favourite was the reminder to take breaks.

    Doing less is often doing more.

    Thank you for these reminders.

    God bless!
    Edna Davidsen

    • Thanks for responding with your thoughts on why and how these points stood out to you, Edna! You’re so right- doing less is often doing more- because you aren’t so burdened that you miss the entire point of what you are doing in the first place! Again, I always love your feedback, so thanks! 😊

  5. “Quit being so hard on yourself” is a line I say to myself, and others sometimes when felt I am suppose to! And it really is okay to receive help.

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