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If I had to sum up my personality in a short phrase, it would be: 7-year-old enthusiasm and a 70-year-old soul. My name is Elizabeth Whitley, and I am an easily excitable, free-spirited, old soul, twenty-something female. I founded P3 Ministries as a platform to inspire and equip people to pursue Peace, Patience, and Purpose in any season or state of life.

I was born and raised on the east coast of Florida and ventured up to South Carolina seven years ago to pursue educational and ministry opportunities. I am still in awe of the seasons, mountains, and the fact that I am a true owner of warm clothing now! I live in Greenville, South Carolina where I work as a university admissions counselor by day and enjoy writing, conference planning, and ballroom dancing by night.

Right now, I love serving as a validating and affirming voice for single men and women. I hope to strike up some much-needed conversations about what the Bible says about it and God’s intent for us as single men and women. The culture often diminishes this season or state of life. I hope to equip others to embrace and support their single friends and family. As Paul stated in First Corinthians 7, singleness is a gift. When lived selflessly and to the fullest, singleness opens doors of opportunity to serve God and others in a unique and powerful way. I am well aware that singleness can represent both joyful times and broken dreams, and I’m not afraid to get real and discuss both.

My goal is to encourage men and women of all ages to pursue PEACE, PATIENCE, & PURPOSE in any season or state of life. This flies in the face of a culture that teaches us that we must reach so many milestones before we can feel truly satisfied. I believe that God is calling us each to claim our sense of joy and contentment here and now, even if our lives are not exactly what we pictured they would be at this very moment.

The sole purpose of this site is to share what I am learning through life experiences, Scripture, relationships, adventures, good times, and tough times. I am inviting you to join in! I have found that being generous and transparent with lessons learned makes any disappointments, uncertainties, or trials well worth the trouble!

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